Stud Sires

Hamdenvale Grande Ton 269 (ET)

Purchased at Rockhampton Brahman Week 2009 from David Deguara.

A son of Payload 307, with a lot of class, tidy sheath, good topline and a great head. A real sire and extremely quiet. Admired by a lot of top bull breeders.

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TMB Reward De Manso (AI)

Purchased at Rockhampton Brahman Week 2009 from P & D Taylor.

Full Hudgins bloodlines by JDH Nieto out of Lady Lyn (by JDH Lincoln) Reward is Lady Lyn's first natural calf. He has a lot of class about him, long through the body and strong on top with a super temperament..

Lady Lyn was sold for $60,000 at Wilangi 2006.

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Brahrock Fable 3409

Purchased at Wilangi Invitation sale 2007 from Royce Sommerfield.

Full imported bloodlines, by Mr V8 189/4 (imp), and out of a Madison Man cow. A big strong bull with excellent bone and tremendous muscle structure. We are very happy with his calves. More photos of him in the gallery. Another very quiet bull.

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Eureka Creek Walt (ET)

Purchased at Brahman Week 2008 from Eureka Creek.

Imported ET USA. A genetic powerhouse with the looks to match by the famous DAKOTA and out of a cow by Federal. Walt is structurally sound, has tremendous bone and growth, topped with a great temperament, a stud sire for the future.

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Hamdenvale Hallam 1108 (AI)(ET)

Purchased Rockhampton Brahman Week 2008 from David Deguara.

We love this bull and couldn't believe it when he was knocked down to us.

By Mr Manso 778/1 this bull has done everything right for us. We believe him to be structuraly correct in every way and his temperament is faultless. Look at the photo and see what you think. Wonderful quiet calves and a perfect gentleman...we hope we have him for a long time.

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KP Jonathon 210

Purchase at Wilangi Invitation sale 2007 from Ken and Pam Roche.

Johathon is another favorite of ours. He has grown into a big bull, very long and very well muscled. He looks the same all year regardless of his work load, and adverse conditions. He has produced a lot of calves for us and they are all as quiet as he is. We are very pleased to own him. Photos of calves in gallery.

Check his photo in gallery as a mature bull.

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Hazelton B Tallas 1771

Purchased at Rockhampton Brahman Week 2008 from Brett Kirk.

Tallis is a big long heavy boned bull, with a good topline and great underneath.Tallis is a bull of great constitution. This photo was taken at the end of the breeding season where he had a big work load and tough conditions. Very fertile and exceptionly quiet. We love his calves, see Gallery for some photos.

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Hazelton Radium 745

Purchased at Rockhampton Brahman Week 2006 from Brett Kirk.

One of our first bulls, Radium is a white grey sire by Double Echo.

Radium has also done a very good job for us, being very fertile and another bull with a great constitution. He is proving to be a very good female sire, with lovely feminine calves. Nearly all his females out of stud cows have been registered.

Once again, very quiet and well built. We will have a photo of him soon.

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Bungoona Ernest Manso 304/5

Purchased at Rockhampton Brahman Week 2006 from the Kinnon family.

What can we say about Ernest...he came to us as a pet at 19 months old and is still a pet! He has grown to be big and strong with massive bone, and is a prolific calf getter. We are lucky to have a number of stud females by him.

He is always with you and always in the way when in the yards. Needless to say we love him.

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Maru Egan Manso (AI)(ET)

Purchased Brahman Week 2010 from Emanuel Misfud.

By super sire JDH Mr Echo Manso out of a Floyd cow. Egan is long and correct with an excellent topline and very good sheath.  He has a great head and has the look of a real sire. Lovely and quiet.

Embryo brothers sold to $19,000.00 at Big Country Sale. (Scott Angel, Glengarry Stud) His embryo sisters are being retained by his  breeder and used as donor cows in their AI program.

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Purchased Brahman Week 2010 from Robert Misfud.

Adrian is by FBC R Phillip Manso, a Nieto son, and he is out of a Floyd cow.

Adrian looks real sire material to us, very correct and once again long, and with a very tidy sheath. Great muscle and an EMA of 130. He has a super temperament. More photos in gallery

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Purchased at Brahman Week 2011 from Mr Ron Kirk and Family. 

By JDH ANGELO MANSO out of a JDH KARU cow who produced 17 calves.   At 25 months he weighed 812 kgs, had an EMA of 134, Sperm motility 90%, and scrotum 40 cms.

Great top line and sheath and plenty of muscle and bone.He has a beautiful sires head, great temperament, and has the aura of being a star!  We believe he has the X Factor!

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